The Ins and Outs of Residential Waste Disposal

The cons of recycling waste materials

Although recycling comes along with a host of benefits like conserving the environment, saving money, mitigation of global warming and reduction of the consumption of energy, in the same breathe it has some disadvantages. However, the benefits that recycling has outweighs the cons but it is up to you to judge on that. This article therefore will delve on the cons that recycling brings to both the recycler and the environment, so that you can have a better understanding of the most praised noble activity. Below are some of the disadvantages.

Contributes to more pollution

This disadvantage may seem so contradicting as recycling is aimed at reducing pollution of the environment. However, in the case of recycling being done with tons of garbage, the waste materials will be required to be transported to the recycling plant, sorted out, and processed in most cases in different factories. All these processes will require energy, which may result in producing by-products, which are emitted in the environment thus polluting air, water, and soil. When more and more trucks are sent to collect the waste materials for recycling, the more they pollute the air with their fumes, which consequently leads to more pollution.  will pick everything up for you.

The increased cost of processing

Whenever waste materials are being recycled, you require labour, running of trucks which require energy, the factories further use energy, and the process is time-consuming. All these costs, when put together, translates to thrice the cost of transporting the garbage in the landfills. Although recycling is eco-friendly, the process is referred to as cost?inefficient as the cost of doing recycling doesn?t match with the cost of dumping the waste materials. Recycling, therefore, takes up all your resources and doesn’t give value for your money as you have other options, which are more cost-effective.

Low quality recycled goods

Whenever waste materials are processed and manufactured, new products are produced although they must not be the same product as totally different products can be produced. When these goods are produced, chances are that they will lower their quality. For instance, when recycling paper bleach is used which is a very harsh chemical to the health of the person and the environment. In addition to recycled goods being of low quality, they can as well contain toxins, which may cause adverse health effects on your body. Recycling and waste management techniques take care of this.

Require stricter implementation

With each mistake that happens in the recycling process, the more the danger to the environment. Waste materials that are not handled properly can cause contamination of land, air and the environment at large. This is the reason why recycling needs to be governed with an iron fist for it to work effectively. Professional junk removal companies like  will dispose of everything in an environmentally safe way.